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KOKO Arts Academy

KOKO Foundation's Arts Academy is a beacon of creativity and empowerment, dedicated to nurturing underprivileged youth through the universal language of music. Initially focused on music, the academy plans to expand into theatre and film.

Hosted at KOKO, it caters to young adults aged 18 to 25 and is launching its first episode in collaboration with the Sacha Skarbek Songwriting Academy, led by Camden-raised Grammy- nominated songwriter Sacha Skarbek.

The Skarbek Songwriting Academy in partnership with the Koko Foundation will run a special three day course for young musicians from the underserved communities of Camden. With masterclasses from leading names in music and songwriting, the three day course promises to offer a true experience of what it’s like to write and produce hit songs in the 2020’s

Grammy award winning songwriter Sasha Skarbeck will introduce the field of songwriting to a young audiences and inspire the group to create musical artwork themselves.

“I’ve lived in Camden all my life and was afforded some incredible opportunities on my pathway through the music industry. The aim of our partnership with the Koko foundation is to provide the next generation of young creators with opportunities to learn how to be the best version of themselves. Teaching them the creative, psychological and business skillsets necessary to navigate a career in music. My academy’s ethos of diversity and support for up coming songwriters and producers aligns with the Koko foundation’s own vision of empowering the next generation to transform their lives through music.”

The KOKO Arts Academy we hope will become a core program of the foundation and evolve with each one, bringing on new talent to nurture through new lenses. Our initial focus is on our bread and butter - music. We will then expand into film in 2024.