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The KOKO Foundation is a registered UK charity. Its mission is to forge pathways and create opportunities for disadvantaged young people through artistic programs and cultivate greener environments for themselves and their communities, with a special focus on music.

Throughout that process, the KOKO Foundation will become a force for positive change throughout the local area, by helping to unlock the potential of its disadvantaged young people, spearhead artistic programs and to nurture the talents of the next wave of essential new artists.

And while KOKO Foundation’s initiatives aim to enrich the community around its home in Camden through an array of creative partnerships and initiatives with local enterprises, its longer-term ambition is to ensure that those ideas can be replicated across London and beyond.

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Our vision and commitment is to give young people nurturing opportunities and create platforms where they are empowered to change their lives through artistic creation and fostering a greener and more sustainable environment for themselves and our communities.

Our mission is to take direct, positive action through a number of Camden-first, music focused and environmentally charged community projects and partnerships – providing transformational opportunities for young people.

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Hero Projects

Rewilding Camden

So far we've planted fruit trees in 26 schools, given over 2000 tree whips through 25 community events and rewilded Kentish Town Fire station. Read more


Creating mini forests on local council estates, fostering youth and community involvement through environmental education. Read more

Arts Academy

A beacon of creativity and empowerment, dedicated to nurturing underprivileged youth through the universal language of music. Read more

Music Bursaries and Programs in local schools

Our aim is to support and promote music education in Camden, emphasising diversity and equal opportunities for children. Read more

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Arts Academy

KOKO Foundation's Arts Academy is a beacon of creativity and empowerment, dedicated to nurturing underprivileged youth through the universal language of music. Initially focused on music, the academy plans to expand into theatre and film.

Hosted at KOKO, it caters to young adults aged 18 to 25 and is launching its first episode in collaboration with the Sacha Skarbek Songwriting Academy, led by Camden-raised Grammy- nominated songwriter Sacha Skarbek.

The KOKO Arts Academy we hope will become a core program of the foundation and evolve with each one, bringing on new talent to nurture through new lenses. Our initial focus is on our bread and butter - music.

We will then expand into film in 2024.

Read more

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The KOKO Foundation
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The KOKO Foundation
A registered UK charity, number 1199564

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